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The Paddock Blade Range

Paddock Blade

The fastest, easiest and most efficient way to clean your paddock

Paddock Blade

Completely maintenance free with no moving parts, Built solid to last.

Paddock Blade

Save 70% of your paddock picking time and 90% of your effort

Paddock Blade

Give your animals a cleaner and healthier environment to live and graze in.


The paddock blade works really well and makes cleaning up after my horses and donkeys so much easier. Very nice people to deal with too. Highly recommended.

Hilary Dortmans - Queensland

Love this product. It has saved me hours. A task that originally took me 3-4 hours now about half an hour. Highly recommend for anyone with flat fatty paddock that needs to be cleaned regularly. Fantastic quality, very solid. And it is Australian too. Thank you Paddock Blade. Now can you please invent something to save time with the washing and the cleaning 

Jennifer Smith -Gisborne, VIC

I am over the moon!! The paddock blade is the easiest and quickest poo pick up ever ! No hard work and picks up the fresh or dry poo without any issues at all!
Customer service is 2nd to none! Even in the busiest time of the year still the wait wasn't long and kept up to date with how everything was going!

Thank you once again!

Nik Godber - Cootamundra NSW

The paddock blade works awesome and saves so much time. Easy to hook up and tow and isn’t too hard to empty. Jakes customer service was impeccable, even following up once it had been delivered. Love love it!!

Maddie Brown - Mountview NSW

Used the new paddock blade this morning for the first time. Wow! 3 small paddock cleaned up in no time at all and so easy to use. Saved me heaps of time and effort.

Ann Berrett - Toongabbie VIC

From ordering to delivery to performance I can’t fault this product or service. We live in a very remote location and the paddock blade arrived exactly as promised. We have plenty of horses on the station and the paddocks are now spick and span. Works in longer grass, uneven ground and is extremely easy to use. I tow it with a side x side easy to empty. Love it, get one you won’t regret it

Tania Guaran - Omeo VIC

We love our paddock blade, we cleared our 4 acres in no time. And our 12 year old was excited about poo pick up because she got to do it on the 4 wheeler. Definitely recommend it to anyone.

Melina Feiss Sheffield - Tasmania

Received my Paddock Blade yesterday. Got a chance to try it out in our 5 acre paddock after work tonight. Towed it with both my car and quad bike. Couldn’t be happier !!! Really worried that it wouldn’t do what was advertised, but it certainly does.
As the paddock hasn’t been cleaned since prior to Christmas, it did a fantastic job on the horse and cow manure.
Looking forward to the weekend to go right over the paddock and then once or twice a week to maintain.
If you have been looking at them and not sure it does the job, I can guarantee it does.

Rhonda Noble - Keysborough VIC

We love our Paddock Blade, Removes the manual process and reduces the usual time spent picking poo! We love our so much we have just ordered another! Highly recommend. Fabulous customer service.

Courtney Cusack - Chifley, NSW
cow on gate paddock blade

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