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"What a brilliant product! Saving me hours in labor, picking it all up. I’ve cleaned up cow horse and sheep poo. Really easy to set up, tow and dispose of. Thanks so much. 

Andrew R- Hunter Valley NSW

I was unsure if the Paddock Blade would work on our property with patches of straw like grass and rocks but I'm happy to say I was wrong! First use today and managed to clean 10 acres easily. It not only picked up poo but small rocks and sticks.

They are amazing to deal with, fast to respond on email/text or phone and happy the answer any queries.

Megan Williams - Geelong

Used the new paddock blade this morning for the first time. Wow! 3 small paddock cleaned up in no time at all and so easy to use. Saved me heaps of time and effort.

Ann Berrett - Toongabbie VIC

After being referred to Paddock Blade by friends of ours we were more than pleased with the turn around, from the first email to receiving our order. Great to deal with and a rock solid product!

Eric M - Geelong

I was a little sceptical at first that the paddock blade would work on my paddocks which are nowhere near flat. It got delivered very quickly and works so well its awesome! saves me heaps of time and effort

Clarisse Dutertre - Melbourne

The paddock blade works really well and makes cleaning up after my horses and donkeys so much easier. Very nice people to deal with too. Highly recommended.

Hilary Dortmans - Queensland

We love our paddock blade, we cleared our 4 acres in no time. And our 12 year old was excited about poo pick up because she got to do it on the 4 wheeler. Definitely recommend it to anyone.

Melina Feiss Sheffield - Tasmania

We love our Paddock Blade, Removes the manual process and reduces the usual time spent picking poo! We love our so much we have just ordered another! Highly recommend. Fabulous customer service.

Courtney Cusack - Chifley, NSW
paddock blade horse on fence

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Paddock Blade

The fastest, easiest and most efficient way to clean your paddock

Paddock Blade

Completely maintenance free with no moving parts, Built solid to last.

Paddock Blade

Save 70% of your paddock picking time and 90% of your effort

Paddock Blade

Give your animals a cleaner and healthier environment to live and graze in.